Roof replacement, Church of St. Nikolai, Anklam

Standing strong at dizzying heights

One of the pioneers of flight and a citizen of this city, it was Otto Lilienthal's dream to fly high into the sky. Like IKARUS, he wanted to do it with man-made wings. As he was christened in this church, the main landmark of Anklam, and born just a few doors away, the “IKAREUM” museum, dedicated to his flight attempts, is going to be permanently installed here. A museum needs a roof over its head, though, and up to 2011 there had only been a temporary roof in place. The church had been badly bombed towards the end of the second world war, meaning that the church's original roof had completely fallen in. A temporary roof had been installed in the 1990's, but that wasn't by any means a permanent solution.

The commission of giving Anklam's major landmark a future by installing a new roof gave our imagination wings. That was necessary too, as the supporting structure of the temporary roof wasn't able to be used as planned, due to material defects. We designed, produced and fitted slim steel hollow profile or rolled section beams over the nave and alter area. The wintery weather was a real challenge for us. Our specialist assembly team really worked wonders, installing the 22 metre wide and 17 metre high framework by connecting it to the newly installed steel reinforced ring beam at a height of 20 metres, and that without wings! A perfect church tower is topped off with beaver's tail roof tiles on the supporting timber formwork, protecting Anklam's greatest landmark and reminding us, that big things often start with a big dream.

Our services:

  • Consultation
  • Stress analysis
  • Design
  • Production and colour coating of the steel construction
  • Expert installation



850 m²

Hansestadt Anklam
- Der Bürgermeister -
Markt 3
17389 Anklam Germany

Ing. Büro D. Neuhaus & Partner GmbH
August-Bebel-Straße 29
17389 Anklam Germany

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