New construction of a sales, distribution and logistics branch

ZISCH Market, Greifswald

In the last years, the Nordmann group from Stralsund has grown from a small beer producer into a nationally active group of companies working in the beverages industry. Production, wholesale, or gastronomic business: the company is active in all stages of the beverages trade, while looking back at an over 100 year tradition of beer brewing in Stralsund. HAB, having already finished various other building projects for the Nordmann group, was once again asked to construct this sales, trade and logistics centre, was to work as the general contractor and to create a ready to use facility. The special challenge of this build was constructing the foundations. The condition of the ground wasn't good, and we had to use displacement piles to deal with this. The building was to be made of steel. We used an attractive colour scheme on the wall panels and a modern looking glass facade to create a beautiful building.

Our services:  

General contractor from design to planning permission application, up to final receival of the property.

1.300 m²

Stralsunder Brauerei GmbH
Greifswalder Chaussee 84-85
18435 Stralsund Germany

ARCUS Bauconsult LTD
Heidwinkel 31
31311 Uetze Germany

Stralsunder Straße 39-42
17489 Greifswald Germany

Responsible HAB project manager
Burkhard Schmidt

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