New production hall at new location

New production hall at new location

Hanseatische Metallveredlung GmbH is a company specialising in the field of electrostatic powder coating. For decades, the company was based in Roggentin near Rostock. The strategic decision was made to relocate the production facility to the "Am Tannkopp" industrial estate in Tessin, around 20 kilometres away. HAB was commissioned by Hanseatische Metallveredlung to construct a production hall with a floor area of 1,250 m² for the powder coating plant at the new location, as well as an adjoining roof over an open area of 450 m².

Starting with the earthworks in April 2022, the shell of the building project, including the thermal roof and thermal walls, was completed within four months. HAB then completed the production hall with doors, windows, gates and supply and exhaust air systems. A special stainless steel safety tank was also installed for the powder coating plant's washing booth.

The office and social wing of the new plant was built using a modular construction method. 

Our services

  • Building foundations
  • Steel structure
  • Thermal roof and thermal wall panelling
  • Doors, gates, windows, supply and exhaust air elements
  • Rooflight strip with SHEVS
  • Stainless steel safety tank


Area / Amount of steel
1.000 m2 / 250 tonnes of steel

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