Interview with Michael Engelbert

Michael Engelbert, commercial manager of “KaGaWa Rohrleitungs- und Anlagenbau GmbH” (pipeline and plant construction) on the construction of a new production hall and warehouse with an integrated office area.

“I'd build another facility with HAB”

KaGaWa Rohrleitungs- und Anlagenbau GmbH is the place to go if you need a pipeline or related facilities, especially if you are a supplier of heat. Dependable, high quality pipelines are everything in this business. The company has, since its founding in 2006, always had its eye not only on its current customers, but on the needs of its potential customers and its market in the future. Up to now, 10 years after its foundation, it has grown continually year for year. Customers value the company's experience, reliability, precise planning and fast implementation. In this conversation, the company's commercial manager told us why they needed a new building, which particular needs it had to meet, and what it especially appreciated about working with HAB. 


Mr. Engelbert, your company was founded in 2006. How has the market changed since then? Are there new challenges facing you?  

The market has hardly changed. It is as highly competitive as it ever was.

And still, KaGaWa Rohrleitungs- und Anlagenbau GmbH has been able to grow continuously since its foundation. How can you explain this success?  

Our customers, often heat providers, value the great quality of our facilities. This results from the experience which we brought with us when we founded the company, from our passion for our products, and of course from our very well qualified employees. In addition to that, our reliability, commitment, and our punctuality are often reasons for our customers to stay with us or to recommend us to others.

HAB Hallen- und Anlagenbau GmbH Wusterhusen constructed a new company headquarters for you in 2015. Which demands did the building have to fulfill? 

As we, as already mentioned, had grown so much, our old building wasn't big enough for us anymore. The space that was being taken up by warehousing and storage was getting bigger and bigger, and we kept having to reduce our working space to compensate. The main demand that the new building had to meet was that it would provide enough space for a growing company and allow efficient workflow. A new crane system had to be installed next to the warehouse, too. With these measures we hoped to improve the working conditions in steel construction. The production hall had to have electrical outlets at particular places for our welders. We didn't have that luxury before. The space requirements of the machines we used dictated the size of the building, too. It was important to us to have good light conditions and the optimal air volume. Last but not least, we needed a special ventilation system for the welding gases, and sanitation facilities for our employees.

Did you know HAB beforehand? Why did you decide on our company? 

Your company was suggested to us by an architect in the pre-selection process. They had already had good experiences working with HAB on other projects in the past. It didn't take long to decide after meeting the managing director Andreas Pörsch for the first time. He had a very pleasant demeanor, as did his construction manager. I realised straight away that they really knew what they were talking about and weren't just talking rubbish. That was important for me. I generally like East German companies, because they are reliable and honest, keep the terms of contracts and offer good service. And we wanted to secure workplaces in the East [of Germany]. The positive impression that I had received from the managing director and construction manager was reflected in all the employees of HAB that I later met, by the way.

What worked out particularly well during construction?

I learned at one time, that with contracts, each partner is responsible for his 50 percent. That was absolutely the case with HAB, which is not always to be expected in the building branch. I found it great how the employees were always positive and friendly to each other on the building site, although they were under the usual pressure that comes with building. All service came from under one roof. We had a competent partner who could answer all our questions. The construction manager and his employees did a wonderful job. I can't find anything negative to say about it. I'd build another facility with HAB!

Were there any special challenges while building? 

Nothing special, just the usual ones. There are always little surprises when you build, where you have to react quickly. HAB did a great job at that. I felt that they had everything under control the whole of the time.

Mr. Engelbert, thank you for the conversation, and we wish you every success for the future!