Spirit of innovation

A spirit of innovation since 1952

Ever since the company’s foundation in 1952, the pursuit of progress has been an integral part of the company’s story. In collaboration, innovative solutions in steel construction are found. Our vision? To create a part of the future with our innovative ideas.


  • 2020 | HAB builds the swimming pool in Anklam in collaboration with ME-LE Energietechnik.

    The HAB Team is working as a vision lead company, which draws in interesting, creative and responsible people and invites them to invest all of their knowledge, ability, passion, being and energy to further the company and themselves.

    The development of a separate area for mechanical engineering in addition to the existing plant engineering area begins. This paves the way for HAB Hallen- und Anlagenbau GmbH to become the market leader in its’ branch in the north of Germany.

    The development of innovative robotics is a further area to look out for, as these will improve production quality still further.