Repairs and Storage facility for Marina Kröslin

First class service for customers with high expectations

Everything at BALTIC SEA RESORT is first class – the accommodation, repair service and spa area. It was therefore only fitting that the new repairs and storage facility for yachts and boats should be of the highest quality, too. The 5 star resort's guests have high expectations, and were to enjoy an even better service. Besides the owner's wish for high quality, he also wanted us to take care of everything, so he wouldn't have to get involved with the building process, asking us to take care of the design, planning and assembly of the facility. This isn't a problem for us: we need a deadline, a task, and off we go. We had to design a facility with an integrated two story office area and communal rooms, a crane assisted boat and motor workshop, and a winter storage facility with adjoining mast storage area.

Supporting structure was made of galvanised steel profiles, which we covered with galvanised plastic coated sandwich facade panels. In order to create optimal lighting conditions in the facility, we decided on using roof panels with big skylights. We produced custom made electronically controlled sectional doors, which were exceptionally big to enable the quick transport of boats into other facility areas. Falk Morgenstern, managing director of Baltic Sea Resort adds: “We also didn't have to check that everything was going to plan. They just did their thing, and the result was great at the end.” 

The result: Our client was overjoyed, the guests were impressed, and we were happy to have lived up to our aspirations.

Our services

  • Design and project planning
  • Production and galvanising of the support structure
  • Production of the crane rails and bridge girder
  • Professional assembly of the steel supporting structure, roof supports, roofing panels and outer shell made of sandwich facade panels
  • Professional fitting of roof gutters and downspouts
  • Specialist assembly of the crane runway rails and bridge girder, including measurement
  • Professional installation of the skylights and SHEV flaps
  • Professional fitting of the doors and windows
  • Delivery and installation of the 0.5 tonne crane trolley and single girder bridge crane, 2 x 6.3 t


1.300 m2

Sea Service 360 GmbH
Hafenstr. 9
17440 Kröslin Germany

Ingenieurgemeinschaft Schütze & Wulff
Bahnhofstr. 63
17438 Wolgast Germany

Hafenstr. 9
17440 Kröslin Germany

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Falk Morgenstern

Responsible HAB-Project manager
Boris Heinrich