HAB in conversation


Martin Stolz
Owner and managing director of the “Kaufhaus Martin Stolz GmbH” department store chain

Experts on complex matters“ 

If you travel through the north of Germany, you are sooner or later bound to come across the characteristic black on white logo of the STOLZ department store chain. You can find nearly anything you could imagine at one of the chain's 30 stores, which operate under the motto of “Cheap can be this good”. From everyday to sporting apparel, shoes, toys, gifts, appliances, fishing equipment, cosmetics and much more at bargain prices

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Michael Galander
Mayor of the Hanseatic town of Anklam

„We are greatly pleased with our church roof“

Situated in the north of Germany, the Hanseatic town of Anklam has an interesting story. It was mentioned for the first time in 1243 AD, registered as a town in 1264, and joined the Hanseatic league in 1283. Nowadays there are still a lot of sights that reflect Anklam's interesting history. The most famous person to come from Anklam was Otto Lilienthal, one of the pioneers of flight, who really knew how to give his dreams wings! After the reunification of Germany, this town suffered quite badly, but now it is blooming again. We spoke to the mayor about how this rebirth has been made possible, and what role the Nikolaikirche has to play in that.

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Klaus Schekhahn
Managing director of production and technology technology for “Anklam Extrakt GmbH”

“HAB's flexibility is outstanding.“

There are quite a few herbs with healing powers. But how do the herbs become medicine? A young company in Anklam (north east Germany) specialises in the necessary extraction process. Their first production hall was built in 2009, in which ivy, artichoke, hibiscus and the like are extracted by the company's cutting edge machinery, bottled and sold as high quality extracts - “made in Germany” - to the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries.  ...

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Werner Haase
Managing partner of “Wilhelm Banzhaf Krananlagen GmbH & Co. Logistik und Service KG”

“...Pleasantly surprised that construction can be so unproblematic“

In the past, big construction companies had their own building yards. Then a new trend emerged, where construction companies would rent the expensive tools from leasing companies. “Banzhaf”, has been a dealer and leaser of “Potain” cranes and services since 1972, being based in Berlin. In this time, their numbers have gone up and up like the weights lifted by their cranes: in 1995 they had 100 cranes, in 2017 they have over 250. We asked the company's owner, Werner Haase, about the secret to his success, and about his experience of the construction of the warehouse. 

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Dipl.-Ing. (Master of Engineering) Michael Engelbert
Commercial manager of “KaGaWa Rohrleitungs- und Anlagenbau GmbH”

“I'd build another facility with HAB”

KaGaWa Rohrleitungs- und Anlagenbau GmbH is the place to go if you need a pipeline or related facilities, especially if you are a supplier of heat. Dependable, high quality pipelines are everything in this business. The company has, since its founding in 2006, always had its eye not only on its current customers, but on the needs of its potential customers and its market in the future. Up to now, 10 years after its foundation, it has grown continually year for year. Customers value the company's experience, reliability, precise planning and fast implementation. In this conversation, the company's commercial manager told us why they needed a new building, which particular needs it had to meet, and what it especially appreciated about working with HAB.

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Falk Morgenstern
Managing director of BALTIC SEA RESORT

„They just do their thing, and the result is great at the end.“

A clear view of the horizon and the island of Usedom (Germany) and the idyllic location in the middle of the untouched Boddenlandschaft (the Baltic Sea and the inner bay waters) are just some reasons why water-sports enthusiasts love BALTIC SEA RESORT. The guests also love the 5 Star standard and the exclusive service that comes with it. It all started in the 1990's under the name of MARINA KRÖSLIN, having 250 yacht berths and a small repair service. The marina's size had doubled by 1998, due to the huge demand. The infrastructure continued to grow, too. A yacht dealership, a wharf, catering services, shops, a modern spa area, and many comfortable places to stay including floating holiday homes sprang up with the time, and were made into one entity in 2014 under the name “BALTIC SEA RESORT”. We spoke to Falk Morgenstern about how to develop attractions in countryside areas, and about HAB's construction of the repairs workshop. 

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Jürgen Nordmann
Managing director of “Störtebeker Braumanufaktur GmbH” (Störtebeker brewing company ltd.)

“HAB is a service provider that listens...”

Although Germany has a long history of beer-making, companies from other countries dominate the business today. In Germany, sinking consumption, stagnating population growth and increasing costs further complicate the brewing business. Despite this negative trend, Störtebeker had their most successful year to date in 2016. Instead of bland industrial beer, they brew specialities made by hand in the traditional manner- to great success. We spoke to Jürgen Nordmann about how Störtebeker products remain marketable even with more costly production methods, about the wishes he had for his new brew house and how HAB managed to fulfill them. 

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