Modern roof structure connects production facilities

New construction of the second production facility of HADRIAN GmbH & Co. KG in Wolgast

The expansion of production capacities is always accompanied by questions of space and logistics. This was the challenge faced by the shareholders of HADRIAN GmbH & Co. KG. The company was founded in Wolgast in 1997. The successful development of the company meant that the first production hall built by HAB for processing and machining various metal assemblies was no longer sufficient. In 2019, HAB built a second production facility in the immediate vicinity of the first workshop. 

The open space between the production halls, which also serves as a logistics area for delivery vehicles, was roofed over in 2020. This makes the company independent of the weather and saves long walks between the sites.

As the hall foundations are not level with each other, the roof construction had to compensate for the difference. This was realised with roof halves that slope downwards towards the centre. The roof covering is held in place by double-T steel girders, which are free-standing and positioned along the outer walls of the hall. A good 50 per cent of the roof area consists of translucent plastic glass panels. They significantly reduce the use of artificial light sources. This is an aspect that was also taken into account in the new factory building in accordance with energy and fire protection specifications.

Wide and in places continuous window fronts and plastic glass panels integrated into the roof ensure optimum lighting conditions in the 1,900 square metre hall where metal construction elements for the railway industry are profitably manufactured

Our services:

  • Building the shell of the factory hall
  • Roof construction bridging the two buildings
  • Sectional doors, doors and windows


Area / Steel used
1.900 m² / 110,0 tonnes of steel

Metall- und Kunststofftechnik KG
Nexöer Str. 8, 17438 Wolgast

Technisches Büro Wulff
Neue Strandstr. 30 a
17454 Zinnowitz

Nexöer Str. 8
17438 Wolgast

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Responsible HAB Project Manager
Boris Heinrich