Construction of a warehouse with a workshop at Anklam Extrakt

High quality facility for sophisticated production

The plant extracts sold by “Anklam Extrakt” are gaining more and more customers from the pharmaceutical and food industries. When the previous production hall, which had been built in 2009, stopped being big enough, the young company planned an extension in the form of a new facility for the production of its high quality products. Anklam extrakt's trademarks are close contact to customers, outstanding service and great flexibility. These were also the characteristics that the company wished of its facility builder.  

We had previously been able to convince them of our qualities, and were awarded the project. Klaus Schekhahn, managing director for production and technology comments “We work depending on the orders we receive, and the requirements can be changed at short notice.” This was also the case on this project, but not a problem for us. We took note of the required changes and quickly put them into plans. We built the facility using a reinforced concrete structure, cladding the walls with thermally insulated panels. The insulated roof was topped off with foil sheet waterproofing. Klaus Schekhahn sums it up in his own words: “it was, without a shadow of a doubt, a very high calibre building project, where HAB, our reliable and creative partner, certainly gave us great support.” 

Our services:

  • Shell construction
  • Implementation planning for the steel construction
  • Manufacture


Amount of steel used
approx. 1.450 tonnes

Anklam Extrakt GmbH
Johann-Friedrich-Böttger- Str. 4
17389 Anklam Germany

HAB Hallen- und Anlagenbau GmbH
Greifswalder Straße 14
17509 Wusterhusen Germany

Johann-Friedrich-Böttger-Str. 4
17389 Anklam Germany

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Klaus Schekhahn

Responsible HAB project manager
Burkhard Schmidt