Construction of a storage facility and renovation of the milling tower, Aurora Mill, Hamburg

Not run of the mill

Aurora Mill Hamburg, previously known as “Diamantmühle”, has been producing best quality flour for the bread and food industry since 1895. It's the European market leader for flour. Every year, over 200,000 tonnes of grain, wheat and rye are transferred onto ships or trucks here. In addition to it's production method, how the flour is stored and transported plays an important role in guaranteeing the very best quality. In 2015, a thermally insulated facility was required for this purpose. The milling tower was getting older too, and needed renovation. When the company asked us to build the new facility and renovate the old, they had two conditions that we should adhere to: it had to be done quickly, and they had to be able to continue production at the same time.

Working as a general contractor, we built a thermally insulated storage and logistics facility and renovated the milling tower. We chose a frame-and-beam steel supporting structure with thermally insulated facade panels and high quality roof panels. We created a cutting edge transfer area to maximise the efficiency of transport to and from the facility. Just as precision is important in making high quality flour, our employees had to precisely prepare and carry out the build to ensure that production would not be disturbed, proving that our service is not run of the mill. We managed to exceed our client's expectations.

Our services: 

  • Consultation
  • Planning 
  • Stress analysis/Design 
  • Production of parts 
  • Expert assembly 
  • Facade installation (Milling tower)

Storage facility 850 m2
Milling tower 810 m2

Diamantmühle Hamburg GmbH (ehem.)
Trettaustraße 49
21107 Hamburg Germany

Dipl.-Bauing. Jan-Peter Hüllenhagen
Kirchweg 14
18230 Rerik

HAB Hallen- und Anlagenbau GmbH
Greifswalder Straße 14
17509 Wusterhusen Germany

Diamantmühle Hamburg GmbH (ehem.)
Trettaustraße 49
21107 Hamburg Germany

Responsible HAB Project Manager
Andreas Vogel