Interview with Falk Morgenstern

„They just do their thing, and the result is great at the end.““

A clear view of the horizon and the island of Usedom (Germany) and the idyllic location in the middle of the untouched Boddenlandschaft (the Baltic Sea and the inner bay waters) are just some reasons why water-sports enthusiasts love BALTIC SEA RESORT. The guests also love the 5 Star standard and the exclusive service that comes with it. It all started in the 1990's under the name of MARINA KRÖSLIN, having 250 yacht berths and a small repair service. The marina's size had doubled by 1998, due to the huge demand. The infrastructure continued to grow, too. A yacht dealership, a wharf, catering services, shops, a modern spa area, and many comfortable places to stay including floating holiday homes sprang up with the time, and were made into one entity in 2014 under the name “BALTIC SEA RESORT”. We spoke to Falk Morgenstern about how to develop attractions in countryside areas, and about HAB's construction of the repairs workshop. 


Mr. Morgenstern, MARINA KRÖSLIN began 20 years ago as a small repair service. Up to 2014 you had massively expanded your business to include a yacht builder, spa service, catering and floating holiday houses, and had also doubled the amount of yacht berths. What came first? Your service or the demand for it?

Our service. We are located here in the countryside right next to the island of Usedom. So we wanted, and had to, create an attractive alternative to visiting the island. Our visitor numbers were going up, too.

How can you explain the success of BALTIC SEA RESORT? 

We are the first marina in Germany to have been awarded five stars. We obviously used this to help with marketing. Our guests love the high quality of our services. And great customer service is really important, too. Our customers do, at the end of the day, expect a lot.

As a part of your expansion, you had a repairs workshop with an office and social area built. Why? Which special demands did the building have to meet? 

Our repairs area had grown and was going to be split off from the rest. We wanted to make sure it was equipped with cutting edge technology. We needed a separate area for motors and for electronics, as well as three large access roads. In addition, a gantry crane to lift the boats had to fit in the building. The building also had to be big enough to store things in.

The hall was designed, planned and constructed by HAB. Why did you decide on our company? 

First of all, our planner recommended HAB, as he had already had good experience working with them. We had also heard good things about HAB from other business partners, who had worked with HAB in the past. Secondly, HAB's offer was the cheapest. Thirdly, we wanted to give the job to a local company.

What did you especially enjoy while working with HAB? 

HAB built the building quickly and without complications. We also didn't have to check that everything was going to plan. They just do their thing, and the result is great at the end.

Were there any particular challenges during construction? 

The substrate wasn't stable enough. We had to have a pile foundation put in. That wasn't a problem for HAB, though.  

How was your personal contact with HAB?  

We only met to sign the contracts. There was a very pleasant atmosphere, then. Other than that, the planner dealt with them, but he always had something positive to say.

Mr. Morgenstern, thanks for talking to us and we wish you many satisfied guests in Kröslin!