First-Class Industrial Buildings and Facilities

Buildings and facilities for production processes

HAB has been constructing custom fit buildings, halls and facilities made of steel for industrial companies for decades. We don’t offer one-size-fits-all buildings, but make a point of fulfilling individual requirements with our industrial buildings and facilities.


At the start of the planning process we take the positioning of machines and the production line into account for the best production flow. For every new building, our engineers calculate the perfect combination of ceiling span, load and the minimum number of struts. Our buildings are optimized for your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems’ requirements. If you require, we can also deal with connection to services such as water, heat, electricity, compressed air and technical gases.

The special bonus-point: your new HAB industrial building comes prepared for expansion, should you in the future need more space due to growing demand. Our buildings are designed to be easily extendable from the first design idea on. We look forward to meeting your needs.