Innovative construction for renewable fuels

Innovative construction for renewable fuels

The resources of conventional fuels are running low. Burning them creates greenhouse gases, too. It's not possible to run low on renewable fuels like bioethanol, though. When “ Anklam Bioethanol GmbH” asked us to produce and build the buildings for biofuel production, we weren't only interested in the job, but also in doing our part in helping the climate.

We produced and assembled the heavy duty steel construction, and in particular the pipe bridges of this cutting edge plant. The most challenging thing about this project was the amount that had to be done in a short time. We managed to succeed at this challenge by cooperating with two other steel construction specialists, and coordinating every single step with them. Since it's completion, the bioethanol plant has been producing sustainable fuel from sugar beet and supplying this to refineries and fuel depots. It is here added to petrol in a ratio of 9:1 (petrol to bioethanol).

Our services:

  • Production planning for our part
  • Construction of the steel supporting structures
  • Specialist assembly of the steel frameworks, steel mesh flooring and railings.

Steel used
approx. 1.450 tonnes

Anklam Bioethanol GmbH
Bluthsluster Straße 24
17389 Anklam Germany

bse engineering Leipzig GmbH
Mottelerstraße 8
04155 Leipzig Germany

Bluthsluster Straße 24
17389 Anklam Germany

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Responsible HAB project manager
Burkhard Schmidt