Our HAB Impulse Service

We advise you comprehensively, non-bindingly, and productively

Do you have big plans or futuristic ideas? Our complementary first consultation called “HAB Impulse” will provide you with valuable recommendations on how you could bring your idea to life. In our conversation we could advise you about potential developments, specific projects or about usage concepts and energy efficiency gains in existent or new buildings. We analyse your requirements, opportunities and threats to the project, show you hidden potential and start to look for a made-to-measure solution. We are available at any time, and also in the comfort of your office or home.
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HAB Impulse – our complementary consultation for your success

  1. The HAB engineers visit you in your company, analyse your requirements and take note of your wishes.
  2. Together we develop first ideas for an innovative concept with which you can improve efficiency, reduce running costs and improve your company’s success.
  3. If you like one of our suggestions, we send you a detailed proposal for its construction: from design to planning to assembly.