Exhibition Complex “Wildlife Usedom” in Trassenheide

The Animal Kingdom of Five Continents under one Roof

Modern exhibition spaces offer a mixture of information, experiences and events simultaneously. The new and bright exhibition complex “Wildlife Usedom” in Trassenheide is tailor made to enable this multi functional experience. Creatures from all five continents are exhibited under one roof with a combined floor area of 1500 square metres. Iguanas, tigers and musk ox can all be seen here. In order to allow the visitors the highest amount of light and space to enjoy this rich exhibition, HAB created a steel roof structure which spans the main exhibition hall. The walls are made of vertically installed thermal wall elements with high quality insulating polyurethane foam cores. 

A storage facility to one side of the hall and a conservatory with a roof terrace which runs along half of the length of the exhibit hall complete the complex. HAB installed full length floor-to-ceiling windows along the entire length of the conservatory and new entrance doors. Natural light now fills the spacious interior including its restaurant and souvenir shop giving maximum translucency.

HAB was solely responsible for the planning of the project, finishing the construction within half a year. This included the roof lights of the 400 square-metre indoor playground which are installed centrally in the insulated ceiling. They make up part of the architectural concept: using as much daylight as possible to give the complex a natural flair. The new exhibition opened in April 2022.

Our services:

  • Overall Planners except for the foundations
  • Construction and assembly of the steel structure of building
  • Construction and assembly of the complete shell of building


Exhibition space
1.500 m² 

Tropic Repitica GmbH
Karriner Str. 4
17438 Wolgast

IPROconsult GmbH
Niederlassung Greifswald
Am Gorzberg Haus 6
17489 Greifswald

Wiesenweg 2
17449 Trassenheide

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Responsible HAB project manager 
Boris Heinrich